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Rug Pad for Wood Floors

Best Rug Pad for Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring has its special charm that many discerning homeowners favor having them as the best option instead of other flooring alternatives. Considering the fact that hardwood flooring requires low maintenance, is safe, and is also clean, those who are investing in properties have opted to have their homes built with hardwood floors. Though you and your loved ones can enjoy such a beautiful home made with hardwood flooring for about 10 to 15 years, you would still want to ensure that the floor remains as appealing as the first time you step on it after acquiring the property. And one of the accessories that you may need to keep it that way is to install the best rug pad for wood floors.

Why Should You Use A Rug Pad for Wood Floors?

Those who use rug pads for their wood flooring understand the value it provides. Consider having a wall to wall carpet installed in your house. The first few things that a professional carpet installer will remind you of will include the significance of using quality paddings to extend the life of the carpet. Since the padding absorbs the pressure and friction caused by foot traffic, it will help keep the carpet looking new for longer periods of time. If you try to install the carpet without the pad, you will notice a big difference in how it feels as you walk on the carpet. Evidence of wear patterns will also be noticeable even within a shorter period of time.

High-quality carpet paddings are designed to have great resiliency properties. For a pad to be considered resilient, it should be able to accept the weight of the force applied on it and expand back to its original shape once the force is lifted. This means, installing a pad with excellent resiliency properties will result in a longer wear life. This also applies to rug pads. For better looking and longer lasting rug pads, you have to make sure that you will be using a pad with excellent resiliency properties. And one of the types of pads with such property includes the felt rug pads. These pad types are designed with carpet fibers that are needle punched to form a dense non-woven felt material. They are high-quality pads that most come with extended year wear warranties.

Placing rug pads also keeps the rug in place thus, limiting the probability of anyone sliding and accidentally getting injured and the floors are kept protected from scratches and direct contact with hazardous objects. Some of the most appropriate types of rugs that offer a non-slid property are those that are PVC open mesh products that are made in China, as well as the felt products with natural rubber backing that are manufactured in the USA. Note, that not all rugs may be gentle on your floor. Some may just actually be very harsh on your floor, like those tufted area rugs. These rugs are machine tufted just like how carpets are made. They come with scratchy carpet backing that feels like sandpaper.

If you will place these tufted area rugs on bare hardwood floors, you may soon observe tiny scratches etched on the wooden flooring. Rugs such as this will require a pad to be placed underneath the rug to prevent it from damaging the floor, even, perhaps creating unnecessary injuries to those who might step on the sharp or uneven edges of the tufted parts of the rug.

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Pads also work well as a sound buffer. If you live in a small attached house or an apartment, it will be a lot easier to tone down the sound from inside the house if you have pads installed underneath the carpeted floor.

The dense pad can also keep unnecessary dripping or any liquid substances from directly hitting and messing the floor. The more solid the pad that you use, the better protection it provides for the hardwood floor.

Choosing The Best Rug Pad for Wood Floors

When looking for the best pad to place under rugs or carpets, opt for 100% felt jute pads and natural rubber rug pads as they are dense enough to protect hardwood floors from scratches and indentations. They also tend to keep the rug in place.

Don’t be fooled by other pads that may look like quality pads but, in essence, are just temporary fix. These pads are either made with a plastic or nylon material that are sprayed with chemicals to give them a non-slip property. The problem with these pads is that in time the sprayed on chemical wears off and transfers to the floor. That is why you may see floors marked with the silhouette of the pads. They also tend to lose their non-slip property after some time.

When choosing for the best rug pad for wood floors, consider all the options available and consider the opinions of those who might have already tried the specific type of pad. Check the materials used to make the rug, product warranty, as well as the efficiency of the seller in providing timely and adequate information about the product.